Sacha Rosel’s official website

Writing is my primary means of creative expansion. I do not use the name I have on my ID and passport when I write, but what I refer to as my “inner name”, the one that was buried within me and which I discovered when I became a writer. I see it both as my own personal sonar guiding me through the land of writing and a promise of harmony. 

As a woman living in a male-dominated world, I believe writing is first and foremost a transformative process where a different language, and a language of difference, can resurface from the unseen fissures of patriarchal culture and let the not-one, multifarious vision emerge. I want to revel in and reveal the transformative power of words as a feminist process endlessly germinating, coagulating, dissolving and back, moving from one phase to another. I find mutation and transformation as revolutionary concepts, as to me they also imply tearing down the status quo and opening up to the multiplicity of dreams.

I am a writer, so this is how I pave my way into being, how I make things happen. How I make words happen. I excavate for truth by listening attentively to what the world, the elements, all the women and the rejects of society who came before me, say. I grow vividly on the page claiming my whole and my fragmented shining selves all at once. I bloom within sounds, light and colour. I am the words, and into the words.